Freelance Project Proposal Template and Guide

Two file versions (Word and Pages) of a simple and fully customizable project proposal template

Companion PDF guide with a finished project proposal and insider tips

Customizable for all types of freelancers, from writers to designers (and more!)



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Land More Freelance Work with the Project Proposal Template

You kicked things off with some friendly small talk. You did a solid job pitching your freelancing services. You asked smart questions about their project.

You’re ready to leap out of your desk chair, bust into your happy dance, and celebrate the fact that you kind of, sort of, more than likely landed a new freelance client. But then you hear this from the other end of the phone: “This all sounds great. Could you pull this into a formal project proposal and send it over to me via email?”

Uhhh...I’m sorry? What? A project proposal? Do they think you’ve done one of those before? What even is that?

Hold off on your frantic Googling for a second (hey, I’ve been there), because I have what you need. This handy freelance project proposal template and companion guide are here to help you pull together a polished, professional project proposal that gets you one step closer to scoring that client. How do I know? Well, because I use this same proposal to land my own clients. 

Picture this: You’re wrapping up a call with a prospective new client, and you feel good about how the conversation went. 

What's included? I'm so glad you asked. Below is what you'll addition to the knowledge that you'll never have to write another project proposal from scratch again.

What's Included?

You can use this template time and time again (trust me, I do) to capture the important details of that potential project, align your expectations with your clients’, and look super professional while doing it.

After all, this template has been professionally designed by my own graphic designer so you can wear one fewer hats while running your business. 

If you’re nervous about making the investment, I get it. But just think: If you land even one project because of your polished proposal, this template has already paid for itself. 

You’re one step closer to landing that gig, my friend. Look at you go!

Ready to start winning projects without spending hours designing, writing, and weeping over your keyboard? 


You’ll get two file versions (one for Word and one for Pages, so you can choose the one that suits you best) of this fully customizable template. 

All of the necessary content is ready for you in an easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank style. You’ll just need to incorporate the relevant details for your project. Sorry, I can’t do that for you. 

Just remember to proofread before finalizing your proposal! Nothing gives away a template faster than a blank that you forgot to fill in. Eek!

Project Proposal Template Specifically Designed for Freelancers and Independent Contractors


Templates are helpful, but they don’t always give you a clear idea of what that document should look like once it’s all filled in and spiffed up.

That’s why I created this guide to walk you through it. Within these pages, you’ll see a finished project proposal example that I’ve completed as if I were really going to send it to a potential client.

But that’s not all (did I just sound like an infomercial?)! I’ve also gone through and inserted some juicy insider tips—such as how to set realistic timelines and manage revision requests—so that you can make the most of each and every section of this freelance project proposal template. Rest assured, you won’t be stuck staring at that menacing blinking text cursor just wondering what the heck to type.

Companion Guide for Writing Your Freelance Project Proposal


Of course, you also want your proposal to look great (ahem, ideally not like a template) to impress your potential clients. So, within the simple template document, you can easily add your logo, customize the colors to match your own brand, and switch up the font—all without breaking a sweat.

Please note that the heavily-designed proposal pictured above is a finished sample to guide you. The template itself isn't that branded, in order to ensure it's accessible to everyone!

Simple Customization and Branding


“Every freelancer runs into this daunting question: How do I sound professional and start on the right foot with a client as a beginner? I Googled just about everything at the beginning of my freelance career, but Kat saved me with her project proposal template. I knew she had the experience and expertise, so I trusted her template would be exactly what I needed. It was, and I still refer to it today as an established freelancer. Grab your template so you can feel confident and ready to sign on new clients, not scared and stressed! Thanks, Kat!”

Kimberly Charleson-Spencer, Freelance writer


“This project proposal template saved me time and gave me a professional, polished look. I was hired by the first client I used it with!”

Morgan Redding, Healthcare Freelance Writer

"Kat Boogaard's Freelance Project Proposal Template and Guide is hands-down one of the best investments I've made for my freelancing writing business! Not only is the template sleek and customizable, but the accompanying guide is packed with actionable and helpful tips on how to use it. Kat is an authority in the freelance space, and her expertise shines through in this well-thought-out and easy-to-use template. I'm so grateful to have found Kat and her amazing resources!"

Danielle Doolen, Communications Professional & Freelance Writer

"Exactly what I needed."

"Saved me time."

"Amazing resources!"

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