Freelance Fundamentals Bundle

A bundle of three customizable and reusable templates to grow and streamline your freelance business:

• Contract template (drafted and reviewed by an experienced attorney)

• Project proposal template

• Invoice template

Three comprehensive companion guides to help you make the most of each template

10% cheaper than buying each template individually!


snag the bundlE: $259

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Save Time and Eliminate the Guesswork With This Essential Freelance Template Bundle

You’re tired of second guessing yourself every time you need to draft a contract, pull together a project proposal, or send an invoice. You know you’re wasting tons of time by constantly starting these important documents from scratch. You’re eager to make a more positive impression on your freelance clients—and win more projects while you’re at it.

Does one of those statements ring true for you? Or maybe even all of them? 

Well, say hello to this freelance fundamentals template bundle. It has three essential templates you need to boost your confidence, save time, and start or level-up your freelance business. 

The best part? You’ll get them all at a discounted price.

You’re just getting started as a freelancer and feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. 

When you purchase this freelance fundamentals template bundle, you’ll: 

You’ll receive two file versions (Word and Pages) of each template, so you can choose which one suits you best. 

Worried you won’t know how to fill in and use each template? Have no fear, my freelance friend. Each template comes with a thorough guide that offers everything from insider tips and helpful examples to email templates and answers to frequently asked questions. 

To put it simply, you won’t just snag the templates and then fend for yourself. These companion guides will empower you to confidently and repeatedly use the templates in your own freelance business.

Want even more information about what each template and guide has to offer? Learn about each of them in detail:

snag the must-have bundle: $259

ELIMINATE STRESS AND GUESSWORK in your project proposals, contracts, and invoices, because the templates have everything you need (you just need to fill in your details!)

SAVE TONS OF TIME, because you won’t be reinventing the wheel every time you need one of these documents (they can be used over and over again!)

SHOW YOUR CLIENTS THAT YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL FREELANCER who has your $#!+ together, because the templates are easily customized to match your own branding

SCORE A GREAT DISCOUNT, because the bundle is 10% cheaper than buying each template individually

Freelance Legalese: Freelance Contract Template + Guide

Freelancing Isn’t Free: Freelance Invoice Template + Guide

Freelance Project Proposal Template + Guide

Stop stressing and wasting time, and invest in these essential freelance templates instead. You can use them over and over again (trust me, I do!) to win projects, align expectations, protect your business, and collect your hard-earned money—no guesswork required.

Ready to streamline these administrative tasks and focus on the work you love instead?

frequently asked questions

1. How will I receive my purchase?

Almost immediately after completing your order, you’ll receive an email from me (Kat Boogaard) confirming your purchase. Soon after, you'll receive another email from me with the subject line "Your downloads are ready." Within the email, click the link to download your products. Save them somewhere safe on your own computer so that you can access and use them as needed. Be aware that these are digital products, so no physical products will be mailed to you. 

2. What formats do the templates come in?

You’ll receive two file versions of the templates you order: one Microsoft Word template and one Pages template. The accompanying guide will be delivered as a PDF. 

3. Do you offer refunds? 

Here’s the short answer: No. Because these are digital products, there’s no way for me to take templates back from you. All sales are final, but I’m confident you’ll love what you purchase. 

4. Can I share these templates with my friends?

These templates are for your personal use only, and they can’t be shared with anyone else. While they're designed for use in your personal business and with your clients (which is why every template can be customized to your brand details!), these are just for YOU. Reselling, sharing with friends, or reproducing them in any way is not allowed.

If you want more details about what is and isn’t allowed, you can check out the full terms and conditions right here. Because we all love some good legal mumbo jumbo, don’t we?