You know that long list of content ideas you want to write “someday”? Let’s make that day today. 

You have a long list of keywords, topics, and nuggets of brilliant ideas. But all it’s done so far is sit there and collect digital dust. You’ve optimistically pulled together one content calendar after another. But you can never seem to actually stick with that schedule. 

“I know what we need to do,” you mutter to yourself as you scroll through your graveyard of abandoned, half-finished drafts. “We just don’t have the time to execute our content plans on our own.”

Oh hi. I’m what you’ve been looking for. Curious about what it’d be like to work together? I have all of the details for you right here.

hire kat boogaard + co.

Here’s the quick pitch: Kat Boogaard & Co. is a team of whip-smart writers and editors who will help you power through your never-ending list of content ideas. 

We’re experts in going beyond dry language, awkward keywords, and write-by-numbers outlines to craft blog posts that improve your search rankings, engage your readers, and ultimately help you land more customers.


about us


The team is led by yours truly, Kat Boogaard (that’s pronounced Boh-gard, even though I know your brain couldn’t help but stretch out those double vowels). 

I’m a Wisconsin-based writer who left a full-time marketing career back in 2014 to start my own freelance writing business.

It all worked out eventually (I told you, mom and dad). Since then, I’ve worked with a variety of clients—from small businesses to large tech companies—to create personality-filled content that resonates with readers, secures coveted first-place Google rankings, and even wins industry awards. 

My byline has appeared in many swoon-worthy and well-known publications including The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., TIME, Mashable, Business Insider, and more. *dusts shoulder off*


As Leslie Knope says, “No one achieves anything alone.” It’s not just me behind the scenes here—hence the “& Co.” in the company name. 

After years of turning away clients because I didn’t have the time to work with them on my own, I had a lightbulb moment.

“I know that I can deliver great work for these clients. What if instead of sending these clients elsewhere, I was able to work with them in some capacity? What if I could find a way to deliver the high-quality content and experience they expect?”

Poof. Kat Boogaard & Co. was born. Now, I work closely with a handful of super-talented writers and editors who help me produce content we’re all proud of.

As an experienced writer, freelancer, and business owner myself, I’m admittedly extremely selective (okay, we can go ahead and call it picky).

Every single contractor I work with is an expert in their own right, and they’ve been vetted and evaluated by me to ensure they can meet my clients’ (not to mention my own) high expectations. 

How We Work

In short, I’m your go-to person. This keeps things simple and straightforward for everybody as opposed to having numerous “cooks in the kitchen” like a traditional agency. 

While I don’t always write everything myself (although, I still do a fair amount of writing on my own too), rest assured that every piece of content that Kat Boogaard & Co. creates is shaped, edited, and approved by me—meaning it won’t land anywhere near your inbox until it’s up to my strict quality standards. 

When you partner with Kat Boogaard & Co, you work directly with me and me alone. I’ll be your main point of contact to iron out topics, manage deadlines, field feedback, and more. 

What We Do

Today, my team and I focus almost exclusively on writing blog content for clients (with the occasional ebook or longer-form guide thrown in). 

These aren’t your boring ol’ blogs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your brand, audience, topics, and content goals so that we can write posts that:

Like so many freelancers, I used to do a little bit of everything. But over the years, I’ve narrowed down what I’m good at, what I enjoy doing, and what there’s a need for. The good news? Those three things all overlap in one type of content: blog posts

Want to see these skills in action? Check out some of the content I’m most proud of in my portfolio.

Break down even the seemingly most dry or dense topics in a way that’s compelling and digestible. 

Use the voice, tone, and personality that best represents your brand.

Incorporate any SEO keywords you’ve identified in a natural (read: non-clunky) way.

Who We Work  Best  With

• Careers and job searching
• Productivity and time management
• Entrepreneurship and business ownership
• Project management and team collaboration
• Human resources and employee engagement

Like pineapple on pizza, we’re not the right choice for everyone. Our primary focus is writing blog posts for software companies in the following industries: 

We like to think that all of that falls under the “world of work” umbrella. So, we primarily serve companies who focus on helping people thrive at work—whether it’s a tool to help teams collaborate more effectively or an accounting platform that helps business owners manage their finances. 

Beyond those specific topics and industries, my team and I have the smoothest collaborations with clients who: 

Have an existing content strategy (or, at the very least, some keywords or topic ideas) and need somebody to write them. TL;DR we’re all about the execution piece of the puzzle.

Understand that content takes investment and commitment. You won’t land the featured snippet after pressing “publish” on a single blog post. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Not sure if we’re a good match? Fill out the quick questionnaire below and I’ll be in touch to learn more about what you’re lookin’ for. 

"I appreciate that I can rely on her skills as a writer/editor to help shape stories so they appeal to readers while also hitting SEO targets. Kat's many contributions to Work Life have been a key component in our continued growth and success.” 

Trish Sammer, Managing Editor, Work Life

“Kat is one of the most organized and reliable writers I have ever worked with."

The mix of their expertise and unique writing styles, Kat's absolutely killer editing skills, and the SEO know-how they all bring to each article means publish-ready work every time. Not to mention, Kat is an absolute delight to work with. I look forward to working with her and the team for years to come!”

Adrian Granzella Larssen, Founder, Society Content

“Kat has been one of my go-to content partners for a long time, and over the last year I've had the chance to work with her team of writers, as well."

"When I send Kat an assignment, I know I’ll get back a well-written and thoroughly researched piece that checks all my boxes. She’s our go-to gal for quality content creation. Beyond that she’s incredibly personable, a great communicator, and passionate about her craft. This girl knows her stuff—and we’re happy she shares that stuff with us.”

Myranda Mondry, Content Marketing Manager, Intuit QuickBooks

“​​Kat = quality."

"She knows immediately what we're after and understands our brand tone of voice well. She makes it really easy for us to plan out our content ahead of time as she makes sure we get the content we need well in advance."

Kimberly Beijersbergen, Content Manager, Whereby

"Kat is delightful to work with!"


…so I’ll let other people do it for me. Here’s what a few past and present clients have to say about what it’s like to work with me. 


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