Freelance Invoice Template and Guide 

Two file versions (Word and Pages) of a fully customizable invoice template

30+ page PDF guide that answers all of your questions about sending invoices as a freelancer



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Get Paid Faster With a Freelance Invoice Template

If your stomach just plummeted into your shoes and your mouth went dry, I can’t blame you. You don’t pride yourself on your accounting expertise (yep, I feel that), and it makes this seemingly simple task feel daunting. 

Sending your invoices should be quick and painless—not an intimidating or time-sucking burden. That’s exactly why I created this resource to help you streamline your invoicing process and get your hands on your hard-earned moolah. 

You did it. You completed a project for a freelance client. Hey, that’s supposed to be when the hard part is over. But now in order for you to get paid, you need to submit an invoice.

You’ll receive two file versions (Word and Pages) of this fully-customizable invoice template. With this handy document in your toolkit, you’ll be able to:

The template is pre-populated with everything you need to include—you’ll just swap out the placeholder text. But don’t worry, I’m not just going to hand you the template and throw you to the wolves (or...uhh...your clients). I’ve also created a super comprehensive PDF guide that answers all of your invoice-related questions. 

Trust me, I made plenty of invoicing mistakes when I was getting started as a freelancer. I didn’t know what payment terms were, so I totally left them off my invoice. I neglected to include my contact information. One time I even sent an invoice to the totally wrong person.

Cringe. I worked hard on this companion guide so you can skip that brutal learning curve and avoid my same mistakes. 

This guide is over 30 pages and digs into all of the things you want to know about invoicing—like how to choose an invoice number, what different payment terms mean, what payment forms you should accept, and how to make sure you actually get paid. 

Within these pages, you’ll also find information about my own invoicing process, helpful email templates you can use to communicate with your clients, and even a sample invoice that you can refer to as you’re filling in the blanks of the invoice template. 

To put it simply, you’ll be equipped with all of the information you need to confidently send your invoices and get your money. 

Invoicing shouldn’t be a guessing game every month. Snag this template and comprehensive guide, and you can stop stressing. After all, collecting your hard-earned money should be the fun and rewarding part of freelancing—not the hard part.

Ready to save time and get paid faster? 


Save time every single month by creating a fully-branded invoice with minimal effort

Feel confident that your invoice covers all of the must-have elements, from payment terms to due dates

Show your clients that you’re a true professional who has your $#!+ together

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