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sophia m.

"I joined Kat’s community of freelancers over a year ago, and I have never regretted that decision. One of the highlights of this community is Kat’s weekly newsletter. In it, she imparts relatable and useful advice and shares practical and helpful resources. She tackles the important and nagging issues that are on the mind of all freelancers while simultaneously bringing a positivity that makes you believe “you got this.” Kat doesn’t just talk the talk; she seems genuinely invested in helping freelancers better their business and reducing the struggles and insecurities that come along with being your own boss. Kat and her newsletters have helped me immensely."

salvatore lamborn

"I’ve subscribed to many newsletters for freelancers, but Kat’s is one of the fewest that actually understands my problems and gives solutions that work, and does so in a friendly tone, as though I were receiving a personal letter."

laura bosco

"Kat's newsletter does two essential things for my business. First, it reminds me that I'm not alone on the hard days, confusing days, and "but really, is it worth it?" days. Second, her newsletter gives me a lovely example to follow. Kat's honest and entertaining advice around pricing, business, maternity, and client communication has a permanent bookmark in my email. Kat is a treasure—it's no surprise her newsletter is, too."

Oluwafemi Oyelola

"Freelancing can be very hard to navigate on your own without proper guidance. Kat’s newsletter is the guidance I wished I had starting out. She offers so much value—you’ll get super-helpful weekly updates about freelancing, highly-curated learning resources, and to crown it all, a list of quality and high-paying freelancing gigs."

kelly lamano

"Kat's newsletter is an absolute must-read filled with fantastic tips, from finding gigs to client emails and taking a vacation. It's witty, honest, and relatable, answering so many questions I (and many others) have about the ever-changing world of freelancing. Kat's passion for sharing her knowledge shines through in this newsletter, and I'm always excited to start my weekend with it!"

archita sharma

"Being in the marketing space, there are tons of newsletters by awesome folks and companies out there. Kat's newsletter stands out! It's very helpful to me, because I'm in the content marketing space and I get to learn about writing tips, new freelance gigs (always uplifting the community), career advice, and personal branding. Not just that, she is very kind to reply whenever I have a question or two about what's in the newsletter." 

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