Freelance Contract Template and Guide

Two file versions (Word and Pages) of a fully customizable contract template that you can use again and again

Companion PDF guide that breaks down each section of the contract template in plain English and with plenty of examples (yep, no legal jargon here!) 

Customizable for all types of freelancers, from writers to designers (and more!)



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A Freelance Contract Template That Grows With Your Business

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? As a freelancer, it’s been hammered into your head time and time again. And, it’s sage advice. A signed contract between you and your client can protect you from all sorts of worst-case scenarios and freelance nightmares. It also ensures that the services and deliverables you’re responsible for are crystal clear.

But let’s face it: You aren’t a lawyer. While you know you should have that legally-binding document in your back pocket, you don’t feel confident pulling one together on your own. Even worse? All of your Google searches are turning up examples that are so stuffed with legalese and jargon, your eyes keep glazing over. 

I get it. I’m not an attorney either—but I worked closely with one to bring you this freelance contract template that’s sure to save you hours spent cursing Google and weeping in front of your computer screen. 

I collaborated with Sara F. Hawkins, an attorney with 20+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs and digital professionals, to pull together this fully customizable contract template that you can use over and over again with your freelance clients. 

You need to have a contract. You need to have a contract. You need to have a contract.

Want more details about what you'll get for your money? Below is what will arrive in your inbox (you know, in addition to the priceless confidence boost you get when you know your booty is legally covered).

What's Included?

An iron-clad contract helps you move confidently from pitch to payment. It ensures that both you and the client understand what is expected of you, protects your agreement and relationship in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and ensures your payment terms are understood (because, yep, you want your money). 

Rather than guessing at the legal contracts on the internet (been there, done that), snag this template. I've partnered with an attorney whose core business is in serving small businesses and entrepreneurs. We not only laid out a contract that protects you, but we also explain section-by-section what's covered and what isn't. Basically, you’re getting the help of a legal professional without the hefty legal fees. 

A one-time investment in an adaptable contract protects you as your client base, business, and scope of work evolves and grows. I’m confident this template will save you countless hours—and plenty of headaches down the road. 

protect your business: $179

If you’re combing through free templates and poring over online legal advice every single time you need to send a contract to a new freelance client, you’re wasting time (and probably giving yourself a few gray hairs in the process).

I’ve sunk countless hours into this template so that you don’t have to. It covers absolutely everything you need to have in your freelance contract, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your legal t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted. 

Contract Template Specifically Written for Freelancers and Independent Contractors


Do you remember those “choose your own adventure” books from when you were a kid? This template is sort of like that.

It’s tough to make a one-size-fits-all contract, so within the template there are several different places where you can choose the legal language that fits your situation best. Don’t worry, these options are clearly called out and they’re explained in detail in the companion guide (so you can figure out which one is best for you). 

There are also blanks for you to fill in with your own information, and it’s easy to customize this document with your own branding—including adding your logo, changing the font, and customizing the colors. Because, duh, you want your contract to look great too. 

Easy Adaptations For All Types of Freelancers


Sara F. Hawkins has over 20 years of experience as an attorney, and she’s worked with many entrepreneurs and digital professionals. 

She and I had numerous conversations to talk through my experiences with my own clients and the details of what I wanted to see in a freelance contract. She pulled all of my ramblings into a professional and concise template that addresses common freelance concerns and includes all of the legal elements you need. 

You can confidently use this contract template with your own freelance clients—because yep, I use it with mine. 

Drafted By an Experienced Attorney


We made every effort to make the contract template as easy to read as possible. But contracts can still be a little dense, and they don’t always sound human. 

I believe in transparency, and that a client and freelancer are best set up for success when they both clearly understand the terms of their agreement. That’s why I created this guide—so it can be the bridge between the language that legally protects you and the words you can actually understand. 

It breaks down every single section of the contract template in plain English and includes plenty of examples to illustrate how that section applies to you and your freelance clients.

With this guide in your corner, you’ll feel confident that you know exactly what you’re asking your clients to agree to—and you’ll even be empowered to answer their questions and negotiate when necessary. Hey, it’s not quite the same as passing the bar exam. But I like to think it’s the next best thing. 

Companion Guide for Understanding the Freelance Contract Template


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