Freelance Fill-in-the-Blanks: 41 Email Scripts for Your Freelance Business

Book of 41 email templates for your freelance business that you can use over and over again

Copy-and-paste templates for a variety of freelance situations, from raising your rates to breaking up with a client

Filled-in sample with every template to see what a completed email looks like

Customizable for all types of creative freelancers, from designers and social media managers to developers and photographers (and more!)



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Save Time and Eliminate Guesswork With This Big Book of Email Scripts for Your Freelance Business

I’d stare at my menacing, blinking text cursor—just hoping that the perfect words would appear on my screen.

Sound familiar? Well, say “so long” to the stress of crafting your own emails. 

This book has 41 customizable email scripts to help you address a variety of common freelance situations—from sending a cold email to breaking up with a problem client. 

What should I say to raise my rates with a client? Or push back on extensive revision requests? Or chase down a late payment? Or ask for a testimonial? I can’t tell you how many times these exact questions have rattled around in my brain as a freelancer.

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Pitch Pack: 8 Pitch Templates for Freelance Writers

Life’s a pitch, but pitching doesn’t have to be with these eight customizable pitch templates for freelance writers. Whether you’re responding to a call for story ideas or pitching an editor who previously rejected you, these copy-and-paste templates will help you pull together a pitch that gets results.


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Do these templates work? You bet. Each and every one is based on a real email I’ve sent in my own six-figure freelance business.  

Are you a web developer? PR specialist? Writer? Graphic designer? Photographer? These templates are for your freelance business.

They’re fully customizable and designed to be used by all types of creative freelancers to address recurring challenges and awkward conversations. 

Don’t worry—I won’t just give you the templates and expect you to fend for yourself. Each and every one includes a filled-in sample, so you can see what the email will look like once you’ve added your relevant details. 

I can’t hack into your inbox and answer your emails for you, but this book of customizable freelance email scripts is the next best thing. It has everything you need to manage your freelance communications like a pro (without all of the panic and guesswork). 

Simply scroll to the template you need, fill in the blanks, and take the stress out of all of those sweat-inducing freelance conversations. Yes, it really is that easy.

communicate like a freelance pro: $59

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2. What formats do the templates come in?

This book of email scripts will be delivered to your email as a downloadable PDF. It's a big file, so be patient while it downloads!

3. Do you offer refunds? 

Here’s the short answer: No. Because these are digital products, there’s no way for me to take templates back from you. All sales are final, but I’m confident you’ll love what you purchase. 

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