How to Find Joy in Your Business

Sep 30, 2015

I love my business. But — as with anything — the harder you work on it, the more it can make you feel a little tired and drained.

I don’t want to sound like a whiner who doesn’t enjoy what she’s doing. Like I’ve said many times before, owning my business is by far one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. And, I’ve definitely grown a lot!

But, sometimes I can’t help but look back fondly on when I was just getting started. Everything was new and exciting! Granted, I had almost no clients. However, working on my business brought me so much joy and this supercharged feeling of wanting to take on everything. Of course, it still does that. But, I find that I can get so weighed down by the mundane tasks or deadline pressures, that they can start to overshadow the things that I really love.

So, I’ve been working on some ways to help me always hang onto that joy and passion. Looking for a few methods for reigniting your own passion for your business? Here are a few quick things that have been working for me.



After you’ve been in business a while, it’s easy to stop celebrating those small successes. But, enjoying the fruits of your labor is one of the keys to really enjoying your business. So, don’t be afraid to reward yourself for your hard work!

Head out in the middle of the afternoon for a frozen yogurt break after you’ve completed a big task. Purchase those earrings you lusted after because you scored a big project or a great new client. Never stop celebrating when things go great simply because it happens more often now.


I’m pretty sure it’s human nature to place way more emphasis on the negative things that people say to us. Even if I have three clients tell me in one day what a fantastic job I did, it’s that one Facebook comment or request for ridiculous revisions that really sticks in my mind.

Do your best to not churn on negative comments or criticism — as difficult as it might be. Instead, try to place the most emphasis on those complimentary emails or the hearty “great job!” comments you get from your clients.


If you work too hard at anything, you’ll start to feel burnt out. And, if you’re feeling burnt out, you’ll likely start to harbor some feelings of resentment towards your business. So, it’s important that you take breaks when you need them.

If you’re getting an eye strain headache from staring at your computer, step away from your desk and go for a mid-afternoon walk. If you’re sick of checking emails, meet a friend for a cup of coffee — and turn your phone off! Don’t ever hesitate to give yourself a break. It’s well-deserved, and it can really improve your overall attitude and productivity!


This is something I’ve been doing even more of lately. Connecting with other business owners and professionals in your same industry can actually reignite a lot of the passion you feel for your business. There’s nothing quite like talking with someone who understands your ups and downs to get you excited about your business again! So, reach out via email or on LinkedIn. You won’t regret it!

What sorts of things do you do in order to recapture your passion and joy for your business? I’d love to hear it!

Until next time!