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How do I get started as a freelance writer?

The best thing you can do is to get started before you ever leave your current job. When freelancing comes with so much uncertainty, it’s nice to get the ball rolling when you still have the comfort and security of a steady paycheck. Use that time to build up a side hustle and also take care of those nuts and bolts things you need to get started—like setting up a website and an accounting system, for example. FIND OUT MORE


Do I really need a freelance writing niche?

Do you absolutely need one? Not necessarily—I’ve seen plenty of freelance writers become wildly successful while covering a huge variety of topics. But, personally, I credit landing on a niche as the one thing that helped me take my freelance business from good to great. You can focus your efforts, build a relevant portfolio, and also establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. DIG IN DEEPER


Can I actually earn a living as a freelance writer?

Absolutely! While I can understand that all of those online gurus who promise you’ll earn $10,000 within your first minute of freelancing can make you skeptical, it’s totally possible to earn an awesome living as a freelance writer. Personally, I earn about four times more than I did when I was employed at a traditional full-time job. Make no mistake—it takes some patience and elbow grease. But, this is a career path that will support you! GET MORE REASSURANCE HERE


When should I quit my job and freelance full-time?

I wish I had a straightforward answer for you. However, this really all comes down to personal preference and your own unique situation. I think it’s best not to quit until you have at least a couple of clients under your belt. Also, I recommend having some savings in your back pocket to support you while you get up and running. I saved enough to support three months of my living expenses without any additional income. READ MORE ABOUT MY PERSONAL STORY


Where do you find freelance writing clients?

From networking to job boards, there are so many different outlets you can use to find freelance gigs. My favorite methods have been Twitter, job boards, and (get ready for the exasperated sigh) cold pitching. The important thing here is to find something that works well for you. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW TO LAND CLIENTS


How do I set my freelance rates?

Ugh. This question will make newbie and veteran freelancers alike let out a groan. In terms of getting started, I recommend setting an income goal for yourself (either for the month or the year) and then working backwards from there. It’s smart to have a larger strategy in place, rather than just pulling numbers out of a hat. LEARN MORE


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