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Ugh. That dreaded “tell me about yourself’ question. I’ll be honest: I always struggle to explain what I do for a living. The short answer is that I’m a freelance writer. No, that doesn’t mean I’m home in my sweatpants writing the next great romance novel (alright, you caught me—I’m probably in my sweatpants). Instead, I focus mainly on crafting online content related to careers, productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Whew! I guess that wasn’t so hard. 

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Writing is my job, but educating is my passion. I’m lucky enough to get to do both every single day.

Writing for my clients is what pays my bills (and I’m also one of the fortunate ones who actually loves my day job). Are you ready for the not-so-humble brag?

You may have seen my byline a variety of places, including Forbes, Fast Company, TIME, Inc., Business Insider, The Muse, Trello, Mashable, and more. 

When I’m not doing that? Here’s what really sets me off into a rather obnoxious happy dance: Using my own insights and experiences to create different resources that help other creative freelancers start and grow their own bomb-diggity businesses. Through my blog, newsletter, digital downloads, Facebook community, and more, I love helping freelancers take that leap and build lives and careers they adore. Alright, that’s enough—I’m gettin’ all misty-eyed over here.

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I sat fidgeting in an uncomfortable chair that was placed adjacent to my boss’ expansive desk, feeling the sweat already start to tickle my forehead. I kept picking at a piece of torn upholstery toward the bottom of the seat, despite my best attempts to look cool, calm, and collected. But, no matter how many articles I crank out about successfully putting in your two weeks notice, I’ll admit it’s pretty tough to look confident and composed when you’re quitting your job.


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The best thing you can do is to get started before you ever leave your current job. When freelancing comes with so much uncertainty, it’s nice to get the ball rolling when you still have the comfort and security of a steady paycheck. Use that time to build up a side hustle and also take care of those nuts and bolts things you need to get started—like setting up a website and an accounting system, for example.

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From blog posts to products to straight-up answers, I love providing tips, tools, and resources to fellow freelancers who are carving their own paths (in sweatpants, obviously). 

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Planning your freelance maternity leave is one thing, but how do you come back? This guide breaks it all down.

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