The Get-to-Workshop: How to Find Freelance Clients Course

Self-paced online course with 80+ minutes of video instruction

Supplemental downloadable resources to put what you’re learning into action

7 chapters covering actionable strategies for finding freelance clients and gigs



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This comprehensive online course helps freelancers find gigs and projects so they can work with amazing clients, earn more money, and build a long-term client pipeline. 

Or maybe you’ve signed up for some of the different freelancing platforms, but you know you’re competing against hundreds (okay, maybe thousands?) of freelancers and that ultimately the lowest bid is going to win.

Or maybe you’re just staring at your computer screen—with zero clients and zero leads—wondering where the heck you should start. 

Regardless of which one made you want to lay your head down on your desk, the problem is the same: You can’t figure out how to land high-quality freelance clients. Seriously, how do you find paying gigs? Where are all of the projects and clients hiding?

I get it. And that’s exactly why I created this course. I was standing in your same shoes only a few years ago, debating if I needed to take on a part-time job at Petco or Starbucks in order to make this freelancing thing work.

Spoiler alert: I did make it work. Since that time, I’ve built a thriving six-figure freelance business that’s allowed me to work with incredible clients like QuickBooks, Atlassian, Hubstaff, Trello, Lendio, Toggl, Miro, Loom, and plenty more.

Long story short, I know what it takes to get amazing freelance clients. And this course is where I share all of that juicy information with you—so you can skip the trial and error and get straight into doin’ the work and gettin’ paid. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You regularly peruse freelance job boards and spend hours refining your application—only to hear nothing in return.


Chapter #1: Brief introduction and tour of all of the content that’s included

Chapter #2: How to track and nurture your client leads, find your freelance niche, and optimize your social profiles

Chapter #3: How to activate your network, connect with other freelancers, and ask for client referrals

Chapter #4: How to use social media to find posted freelance gigs that have way less competition 

Chapter #5: How to dig up freelance clients in your niche that you could proactively reach out to

Chapter #6: How to send cold emails that actually get results

Chapter #7: Final tips and tricks for keeping your freelance client pipeline full 

This self-paced course is split into chapters that will walk you through how you can forego the job boards and crowded platforms and find freelance gigs that are the right fit for you. Here’s a quick peek at what we’ll cover:


Each chapter has helpful video lessons where I’ll share my screen and walk you through how I actually do all of these things. Plus, every lesson ends with a homework assignment to help you put what you just learned into action.

Worried you’ll feel stuck? You won’t be. I’ll also provide you with email templates, worksheets, spreadsheets, lists of resources, and all sorts of other tools to keep you moving forward. 


This course is designed for all types of freelancers. Regardless of what specific services you offer, the strategies covered in this course will help you find amazing freelance clients.

Are you a brand new freelancer who hasn’t worked with a single paying client yet? This course will give you direction, help you successfully identify lead sources, and pitch your services confidently. 

Are you a more established freelancer who wants to have a full pipeline for an inevitable slow period in your business? This course will teach you how to network for referrals, effectively cold pitch, and use social media to keep your client roster active.

To put it simply, this course is for any type of freelancer who wants to find and land consistent, high-paying clients.

Still not sure if it’s right for you? Reach out to me here and I’ll help you determine whether or not this is the best purchase for you and your freelance business. Absolutely no pressure—I want you to find something that’s going to help you the most. 


Did you roll your eyes at the mention of yet another online course? Did the thought of a sales page full of lofty promises trigger your gag reflex?

I get it—in fact, I’m right there with you. The online education market is filled with a lot of...umm...untrustworthy and slimy junk. 

There are people who promise that you’ll make millions freelancing by tomorrow. Or “gurus” who promise that you’ll have clients banging your door down without you needing to lift a finger. Or online experts who swear that freelancing is the way to financial security—even though those very same “experts” make all of their money from, well, courses. 

That’s not me. And that’s not this course. 

I’m not going to make any of those same promises. Why? Well, because I won’t guarantee your success. Heck, I can’t guarantee your success. Only you can do that. 

I’m confident in the strategies I teach in this course. These are the exact same tactics I’ve used to find clients and grow my own successful freelance business from zero clients to six figures. I know firsthand that they work.

But without action, these strategies are only information. It’s up to you to put them to work to get your own freelance business off the ground.

Don’t worry—I’m there with you every step of the way. From bite-sized homework assignments to downloadable resources, I’ll help you put one foot in front of the other. But ultimately, you’re the only one who can get yourself over the finish line.

Are you ready to find amazing freelance clients and stop worrying about where your next paycheck will come from?


Then this is the course for you. I’ll skip the fluff and give you actionable, proven strategies to find freelance clients and gigs. I’ve packed this course with tools and real-world samples that will help you find your way—no tears or stress required.

Just think: If you land even one client or project using a tactic you learned in this course, it’s more than paid for itself. And then some. 

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap, roll up your sleeves, grab a snack, and let’s get to work. I’ll see you on the inside.

"The range of practical strategies she offers can be put to work straight away and are simple enough that you can easily integrate them into your routine. Her videos were quick to digest and super engaging, which is a winning combo. I gained several repeat clients through putting her advice into practice and I couldn’t be happier with the course!”

"I found Kat’s course very useful and incredibly reassuring."

Anna Lodwick, Freelance Copywriter

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frequently asked questions

1. How do I access the course?

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation from me. Almost immediately after that, a second email will land in your inbox with the subject line “Get started with Kat Boogaard Courses.”

Open that email (duh) and click the link to set your password. As with any other password, make sure you remember it or write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Once you set your password, you’re in! You’ll see the course right there. All you need to do is click “start course” and you’re ready to start learnin’. 

2. How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you purchase, you can access the course content whenever you need to. This course is entirely self-paced, which means you can binge it all in a single afternoon or you can spread it out over a few weeks. You’re in the driver’s seat, my friend!

3. How long does the course take to complete?

Well, that’s up to you and how fast you want to move through it. But, as far as the actual content of the course, there’s a little over 80 minutes of recorded video instruction. Plus, you’ll want to dedicate some time to completing the bite-sized homework assignments and accessing the downloadable resources. 

4. What if I think this course is bogus? Do you offer refunds?

Since there’s no way for me to take this information and knowledge back from you, I don’t currently provide refunds. Don’t worry—I’m confident you’ll find tons of value in the course. If you hit any snags or have any questions, please reach out to me right here

If you want more details about what is and isn’t allowed, you can check out the full terms and conditions right here. Because we all love some good legal mumbo jumbo, don’t we? 

5. Can I share this course with all of my freelance friends?

I’d love it if you’d spread the word and tell them about all of the value you got from this course. However, your course login is yours and yours alone. You’re not permitted to share your login or course content, and you’re not allowed to reproduce any of the content within the course. You already know that—but I still have to say it. 

6. Are there captions on the video lessons?

Yes! Every single one of the video lessons has English captions that you can turn on by hitting the closed captioning logo in the bottom right of the video player.