a compulsive organizer

with a penchant for dogs and tacos, in that order.

You know that old saying: Dogs and tacos make the world go ‘round. Oh, wait… what? That’s not a real saying? Well, if you ask me, it’s really the only sentiment we all need.


See those two adorable puppers over there? Those are my two rescue dogs (aka greatest loves of my life), Bert and Gracie. They’re both complete and total mutts (seriously, we’ve done the DNA tests) with some hard luck stories that won me over immediately. Today, they live the good life and spend their days sleeping under my desk, eating off of my plate, and rolling their eyes at my obnoxious and incessant baby talk.


Speaking of dogs, allow me to introduce you to my precious mutts.

I also have a husband (who is perfectly aware of the fact that he ranks second to the dogs). His name’s Ty, but you’ll probably hear me call him TyBo. He’s very tall, ridiculously kind, infuriatingly patient, astoundingly handy, and incredibly understanding of whatever new business idea or home improvement project I come up with on a whim. He also helps me with all of the number-crunching that comes along with business ownership. Honestly, that’s the biggest reason I keep him around.


Rest assured, my dogs aren’t the only loves of my life.

I’m a list-maker through and through. I have compulsively-organized lists in my phone. Pages of lists in various notebooks. Random lists scattered throughout our entire house. I even have a list of lists I still need to make. Does that make me ridiculous? Probably. Does it work well for me? You bet it does


Oh, right, you’re probably here to learn about me…

I’m a Wisconsin girl, which means I have an intense love for cheese (otherwise I’d probably be kicked out of the state). Seriously, don’t even bother trying to serve me a pizza without extra cheese on it. In my spare time, I love reading psychological thrillers (but, I refuse to watch scary movies), golfing, pretending to enjoy exercising, and tripping my friends and family up with hilarious tongue-twisters. Go ahead—just try to say “Irish wristwatch” really fast. 


How about we top this off with a few more random facts?


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