Website Reads

There’s so much great stuff on the internet, isn’t there? I mean, sure, the world wide web has no shortage of weirdos. But, if you’re willing to look past all of that, you can find some awesome stuff.

Although, honestly, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. There’s so much out there, it can be tough to cut through the clutter and find some things that are really worth reading.

So, today I thought I’d pull together a quick post sharing some of my favorite websites—the ones that I usually check in on daily. Full disclosure: I do write for a few of these. But, I promise, I’m not just putting them up here in the interest of shameless self-promotion. They’re sites I admired long before we ever started working together. Scout’s honor.



We all know I’ve followed Melyssa’s blog for quite some time, and I used to participate in her “Weekly Goals” linkup. I’ve carried on setting goals without her, but I still check in on her blog frequently. She only posts about once per week, but it’s always awesome and stuffed to the gills with great information for bloggers and entrepreneurs. She’s basically my blogging idol.


As The Everygirl’s Career Editor, I might be a little biased when it comes to how much I love this site. But, honestly, I’ve been a huge fan for quite some time—long before ever working with them. Even outside of the career section, there are tons of great articles for everything from beauty and wellness to culture and interior design. The home tours are basically my guilty pleasure! Although, they make me feel a little bad about all of the stuff Ty and I still have left to do in our own home.


If you couldn’t tell from most of my blog content, I’m a big fan of career and personal development advice. The Muse is basically your hub for any sort of career-related tips and tricks you could need, along with fun posts about personality quizzes, adult coloring books, and inspiration from uber-successful people.


Yes, another career-related site made the list. Career Contessa offers tons of thought-provoking articles. Plus, I never miss their profiles of amazing, inspiring women!


It makes me laugh every morning. Never fails.


Pretty much everybody has heard of Young House Love. It’s an interior design and home renovation blog owned by the world’s most adorable couple. Not to mention, the projects they complete are nothing short of jaw-dropping. They took a blogging break for a little over a year, and even now their posts are sporadic at best. But, I still love checking in and even scrolling through some of their old posts for ideas and inspiration!

What sites do you take a break with everyday? I’m always looking for some new corners of the internet to explore!

Until next time!