Hey there, everybody!

Wow, it feels like it’s been ages since I actually sat down to write a blog post—well, I guess it has been ages.

I’m still all wrapped up in working on my brand spankin’ new website. As I usually am, I was overly optimistic about how much time it would take to launch. But, since I’m going through an entire rebrand and redesign, moving from Blogger to WordPress (sing the praises!), and even launching a whole new name (yikes, right?), it has been a pretty major undertaking.

I’m so excited about how things are coming together, and I really can’t wait to launch the whole new site and share it with you. So, please, bear with me while there’s radio silence around here for a little bit longer.

I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you, and I so miss sitting down to work on my blog. But, at the same time, I don’t want to sink my time into any more content until it can look and function exactly the way I want it to (think handy resources like downloadable checklists and worksheets!).

Thanks for hangin’ with me as I go through these major changes, party people. You are so appreciated!