Hello there, internet friends!

You all know by now that I like to do these little check in posts every once in a while. For me, it’s a much-needed break from churning out content that’s actually supposed to make a difference. It’s a great excuse to just sit down and get some of those thoughts that have been churning in my head for weeks and weeks out onto paper.

For you? Well, I like to think it’s nice for you to get a little glimpse into my life—rather than reading my incessant ramblings without ever having any idea who I actually am. Do you agree? I certainly hope so.

At any rate, I’ll just jump right in with some of the things that have been happening lately. As always, I’ll probably hop all over the place—much like my thoughts do. So, buckle up and bear with me.


1. I’m in a somewhat strange place right now. I feel like I’m buzzing with inspiration and motivation, yet I can’t find the time to channel all of that into the appropriate outlets. I have so many things I want to do just bouncing around in my brain—I want to start a mailing list, I want to launch ecourses, I want to get my Master’s Degree. Yet, trying to fit any of that into my already packed schedule seems impossible. It’s frustrating.

Another big thing I’d love to get accomplished in the next couple of months? I’d absolutely love to streamline my branding and bring my blog and business website into one spot. Along with that, I’d like to revamp my blogging strategy and step down to maybe only one or two posts per week. But, they’d be super helpful posts packed full with information to help you start your own freelance biz.

See? All of these big thoughts bouncing around, but no time to bring them to fruition. Ahhhhh!

I just need to sit down and map out my priorities, determine my action items, and get moving. Wish me luck!

2. In a similar vein, I’ve been eager to force myself to stick to more of a set schedule. All too often, I find myself working late into the night and a good chunk of weekends. And, in all honesty, I can feel myself inching closer and closer to the Burnout Express.

I’d love to have nights free to leisurely walk the dog, work on the above projects I’m excited about, and—gasp!—even relax on the couch. But, I always end up too swamped to really make that schedule happen. Let’s just add this to the ever-growing list of things I need to improve and figure out.

I worked outside yesterday afternoon, though. Even though I was still working, it was definitely nice to have a change of pace. Plus, it was SO DARN BEAUTIFUL, I couldn’t stay inside one more second.

3. I’m almost done reading The Nightingale. What should I read next? I’m in the mood for something a little fluffier. When the weather turns nicer, I always find myself in the mood for a good beach read (although, we still won’t be going to the beach anytime soon here in Wisconsin…).

4. I need a manicure and pedicure so desperately. My nails are so bad I’m almost too embarrassed to even go to a nail salon—I might just end up taking care of those babies myself. Any recommendations for a nice, bright, springy nail polish shade?

5. Ty and I (AKA Ty, you know how that goes—I supervise) have made some awesome progress around the house lately. We’re really trucking along with these doors and trim. Each new door that goes in makes me more and more eager to get the whole stinkin’ project complete. It’s a ton of work, but it’s going to look so great!

6. I mentioned before that I’m trying to make more of an effort about dinnertime. It’s not like Ty and I starve. But, we just normally end up making something easy like breakfast or frozen pizza. I’ve been planning out our meals now, and so far it’s been going really well! I’ve made beef and vegetable stir fry, chicken parmesan zucchini boats, crockpot barbeque chicken, and some salsa chicken breasts. Nutritious and delicious!

Well, that’s a little glimpse at everything that’s been going on with me! What’s been happening over in your neck of the woods?

Until next time!